Are VR Casino Sites the Future of Gambling?

It wasn’t that long ago that everyone was very excited by the launch of mobile casino sites and its accompanying games. However, technology is growing at a rapid rate and the hype now seems to be on the VR casino. Can the Virtual Reality Casino overtake the physical, online, and sms casino sites? It’s a real possibility in the near future and here’s why you should think about jumping on this bandwagon now! 

How Are VR Casino Sites Constructed?

There is one main VR casino site on the market at the moment as this technology is so new. However, we do not doubt that in the next few years we will be seeing many more pop up as this is the direction that the whole world seems to be going in, not just with VR casino sites. 

The first of its kind was constructed closely with the casino’s regulator, the licensing jurisdiction of Malta to make sure that this brand new form of an online casino would get off to the best start possible with best practices in place. 

Some of the terms that the licensing jurisdiction of Malta insisted on where very strange as they seemed to go against everything that it actually in a physical land-based casino. For example, they insisted that the Virtual Reality casino had clocks visible on all of its wall to prevent players from getting lost in the games, however, land-based casinos do not have clocks on their walls which is quite interesting. What’s more, it also imposed restrictions on any multi-player tournament games where the player’s cash balance would be on view, which is something that the casino wanted to develop. The regulator stated that a player’s account balance should stay provide. 

Are Virtual Reality Casino Sites the New Face of the Gambling Industry?

While VR casino sites are extremely impressive, there is no doubt about that, this type of casino currently does not have any market or a customer base, so it is quite hard to tell whether it will be a huge success or a massive flop. 

The big question most players will want to know is if this type of casino is a gimmick or a real glimpse into the future of the gambling industry. There is no telling how big this customer fan base could get and the fact that you need to buy the extra equipment to play may put off some players. 

The goggle headset that you need to buy is the Oculus Rift headset which was just released in the United Kingdom this year. In saying this, there was already a huge back log of orders for this expensive gadget before it even hit the market, showing that despite the high price tag this is a desirable product that a lot of gamers want to buy. Whether they are all gambler too, however, is another question entirely. 

For now, we would say stick to your favourite online casinos as they won’t be going anywhere for a while! 

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