Bitcoin Casino, Slots & Bonuses

A relative newcomer to the scene of gambling, in the big perspective, is the Bitcoin casino. But what is it exactly? And how on earth does it work if you want to play at one?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that’s been on the news for the past five years or so, experiencing huge surges in value and then epic downfalls too. Many people have made fortunes from it while copy-cats who tried to jump on the bandwagon have lost a lot of money too.

No matter which side of the argument you’re in, Bitcoin casinos definitely have their merits. There are many pros to using one (plus some cons too), lots of sites offer Bitcoin as a depositing and withdrawing method, and there are also plenty of promotions and bonuses to enjoy at Bitcoin casinos.

So, a discussion is definitely warranted here – buckle in and let’s get going.

What’s Bitcoin (and Is It Edible)?

Let’s address it right away – it’s not edible. Here’s the rest of the story.

Ok, so you’re a beginner in this Bitcoin thing, what should you know about it? Basically, it’s a digital currency that has real-life value, that was created by a person who was fed up with governmental control of everything to do with actual cash.

It’s a currency with no central oversight that works by peers transferring to peers, without any need for intermediaries (though many now exist)

Since the inception of Bitcoin, many other digital currencies have ‘set up shop’ and gamblers have taken note too.

Bitcoin offers a lot of the things gamblers want: simplicity, anonymity and the seamless transfer of funds and winnings. So, there is no surprise it has taken the gambling world by storm.

With so many Bitcoin casinos out there now, in addition to affiliate sites, review sites, bitcoin wallets, transfer sites and everything in between, how does a player navigate it?

Let’s begin by looking into exactly how using Bitcoin works if you were to want to use it. You can then decide which Bitcoin casino you’d like to play at and which popular games you could go for.

How Bitcoin Works

It’s quite simple, the way that Bitcoin works (although if you’ve never worked with it before, calm the nerves).

We’ll guide you, step by step, in making sure that your fully comprehend it:

  1. A Bitcoin is basically a digital file that must be stored somewhere
  2. These places of storage are called ‘Bitcoin wallets’, which are apps on your phone or laptop
  3. You can get Bitcoin in the following ways:
    1. Mine them using a computer (a long and complex way)
    1. Buy Bitcoin using real money
    1. Sell goods or services and let people pay with Bitcoin
  4. You can deposit Bitcoin into a casino account that accepts them
  5. You can then use the Bitcoin balance to play slots and casino games just like you would play with real cash

Simple enough right? Bitcoin is basically just like cash as far as casinos are concerned.

The Volatile Value

You should know that the Bitcoin value varies pretty much each day. Since it’s a ‘crowdsourced’ currency, it’s value depends on how much people are willing to buy and sell it for.

In that sense, it’s just like a traditional currency, think dollars, pounds sterling or euros. However, since Bitcoin is relatively new and ‘innovative’, the value fluctuates much more wildly.

Plus, there is no central government backing, which sure doesn’t add to its stability.

What it means for you as a player is that the Bitcoin in your casino account can be worth something different each day you log in. One day you might be able to play for hours, whereas the following day, the value could’ve halved and then you only get to play for an hour.

See what we’re saying?

Which Bitcoin Casino Should I Play at?

There are many casinos that have jumped on the bandwagon of Bitcoin casinos, although some of the more firmly established brands have given it a wide berth.

We get it – it’s volatile and value could be elusive. However, some sites have dared to venture out and they’re fully registered and compliant UK brands too.

This means that Bitcoin casinos don’t just exist on the dark web or that you must seek out some mega-shady looking sites to enjoy Bitcoin slots. The sites will vary in their offerings, their promotions, bonuses and procedures, so you need to do your due diligence before you commit to any site, obviously.

The Best 5 Bitcoin Casino Sites

That said, here are the top five sites providing top-quality services as Bitcoin casinos right now.

Energy Casino – From the very first moments on the site, you know Energy means business. Incredibly sleek and vibrant, there is little wonder it’s won many industry awards in its short years of existence. The slight problem that we have with Energy is that their Live Chat is not available 24/7, but it’s a small price to pay for a casino where you can happily spend your Bitcoin and do so on incredible games by NetEnt, Play’N Go and Microgaming.

7Bit Casino – Are you down for retro? If so, then you will love the oldie but goodie looking 7Bit casino. With full UK licencing, it’s a legitimate choice for UK players looking to spend their Bitcoin on some quality games. Featuring games from developers such as Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and a bunch of others too, there are also some lofty welcome bonuses and promotions to claim further down the line. There are also slot races, which players can participate in – a popular promotion format that’s incredibly fun.

Yeti Casino – Yes, this has all to do with the elusive beast that is the yeti. Playful albeit meaning business, Yeti Casino is what you could definitely describe as ‘cool’. Offering a healthy variety of bonuses and promotions, a huuuge helping of games from all the right developers (think NetEnt, Novomatic, NextGen Gaming and Merkur) and some fancy stuff like lottery too, Yeti is a winner in our Bitcoin casino book. – With the best URL in the industry, has been around for ages and ages. As such, it has developed a stellar reputation for being fun, helpful and rewarding too, in addition to having a flawless standing with the UK Gambling Commission. As such, it’s great to see that Bitcoin is now available to be used on their site, allowing you to enjoy its plethora of Playtech and Microgaming slots.

Fun Casino – Ok, so it might sound a little pretentious to call yourself the ‘Fun Casino’, but hear us out. It’s bold design, a vast choice of games and incredibly helpful support staff have nothing on the fact that they will take your deposit in any and every way imaginable. Phone, card, e-wallet, Bitcoin – you choose how to make your deposit at Fun Casino and they’ll take it. Heck, we even think you could pay them in crumpled up paper cash and they’d be delighted. We might have to test that theory out!

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casino Sites

There are many pros to Bitcoin casino sites, hence the huge popularity upsurge. And then there are cons to every single thing in life too. Let’s investigate.

Major Pro – Anonymity

In times when your personal and financial data is being floated, edited, sold, collected again and sold again, anonymity is a huge pro of Bitcoin.

If you choose to gamble with Bitcoin, then you’re basically choosing to keep your cash flow anonymous. No third party will ever find out where or how you got the money and who’s name is attached to it.

The other side of this story is, of course, compliance. Casinos will need to verify your identity and your age to be compliant with the rules and regulations of the UK Gambling Commission.

So, if you’re gambling in the UK, it’s impossible to ensure 100% anonymity, although the anonymity of your cash flow is guaranteed.

How Safe Are Bitcoins, Really?

One of the biggest concerns that non-adopters have with Bitcoin is the safety. We’d say it’s also a considerable pro to playing at Bitcoin casinos, as they are fully licensed, vetted and deemed safe by the UK governing body of the gambling industry.

Inherently, Bitcoins aren’t unsafe and using them won’t mean you must venture to an illegitimate site, or that your Bitcoin will be robbed away from you and you won’t be able to cash out winnings.

What is unsafe is the value of Bitcoin. As we already previously mentioned, Bitcoin fluctuate in value every single day and you won’t be able to lock in values.

Your winnings could appreciate, or depreciate, from day to day and you couldn’t do anything about it.

To conclude, as far as your mathematical number of Bitcoin goes, it’s safe. We cannot say the same for its value. Play at your own discretion.

The Big Myth: Bitcoin Casinos Cheat Their Players

Every novelty and innovation has a good amount of scepticism at first. Bitcoin is no exception.

People who haven’t adopted Bitcoin just yet have this preconception in their minds that Bitcoin casinos will cheat their players out of money.

So, is that really true?

We’re afraid we have to burst that bubble right there – no cheating casino would ever get approved by the UK Gambling Commission and there are multi-layer checks on casinos to verify their games are fair.

We’re talking about third party companies that run the games through tests to ensure that all outcomes are random and there is no rigging of slots that’s going on.

Every self-respecting casino will include the proof of these tests on their site, so be on the look-out.

Let’s Talk About Fees

Another good thing about Bitcoin is that there are no fees associated with using them at casinos.

Yup, you’ve read that right – since there are no intermediaries or a Bitcoin company that needs to make a profit, using Bitcoin is free.

The casino shouldn’t be charging you anything to use Bitcoin either. Compare this to PayPal or Neteller fees, and you could quickly calculate just how much you could save per year in fees.

All of the money that you’d get to save could be used to play Bitcoin slots with the potential of winning even more.

Now, if that’s not a pro, we don’t know what is!

Biggest Con: Yet Another Account

To us, we feel like using Bitcoin adds one layer of complexity to our deposits as in making us have a Bitcoin wallet account.

We really wish there were no e-wallets necessary to hold Bitcoin, but this is an absolute necessity. You can manage all the Bitcoin you own, conduct trades and buy more Bitcoin if needed.

Remembering yet another account name and password is a real pain, although it can be alleviated with apps that remember all of your passwords and encrypt data too for extra security.

The Best Bitcoin Slots Right Now

We’ve been through a lot of information by now, but the thing that most of you are dying to know is what games you can go for at Bitcoin casinos.

Well, the good news is that there are so many Bitcoin casino sites out there, and even more Bitcoin slots and games, that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So, we thought we’d lighten your load and pick the 5 best Bitcoin games you should check out right now. Pick and choose which best represent your gambling style and let Bitcoin do its magic.

  1. Starburst – A timeless classic, NetEnt have truly outdone themselves with this game. Still going strong a decade later, Starburst is one of the top choice games for any skill level. Are you a beginner looking for a simple and easy to understand game? Or are you an advanced player looking for a slot to relax with? Then spin your Bitcoin this way and off you go on Starburst.
  2. Immortal Romance – Microgaming have a good thing going on with this sci-fi slot that’s become a player favourite. We’re sure that Bitcoin players will love it all the same at casinos where its available. That’s because it’s many rewarding features and a near-97% return to player rate, Immortal Romance is way up there at the Olympus of amazing slots.
  3. Pixies of the Forest – IGT have really outdone themselves with this game that’s ever-popular on laptop screens, mobile screens and casino floors around the world. Enter the world of magical pixies, charms and secrets with this slot where the max win is absolutely enormous. This will definitely be the game that you won’t feel sorry spending all your Bitcoin on because it’s so rewarding.
  4. Thunderstruck II – Microgaming have reaped so many awards for their games and Thunderstruck II truly stands out. As a new and improved version of its prequel Thunderstruck, this slot gets the players going with a randomly activated bonus feature – The Great Hall of Spins. Needless to say, it harbours massive win potential and you don’t even have to be a Norse mythology fan!
  5. Gemix – A creative little slot by Play’n GO, Gemix will appeal to those who wish to see a mix between a classic game and a gems based one. There are many similar slots in the market, but Gemix stands out because of its special features. You’ll get a gem meter moving towards big rewards, obtain free re-spins (in the shape of gem explosions), and generous multipliers will be applied to wins too.

What Promotions and Bonuses Can Bitcoin Users Expect?

It makes sense if you’re worried about the promotions and the bonuses when it comes to Bitcoin casinos.

Would it be the case that casinos wouldn’t honour promotions for Bitcoin users? Well, all these fears are unfounded and Bitcoin promos are alive and kicking!

Since Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are normally free, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises in terms of being excluded from promotions and bonuses.

However, there is one thing you should watch out for – limits on the maximum win (a cap) and the limits on time during which you must spend the bonus.

As always, you should read the full terms and conditions before you accept any promotion or bonus.

No Deposit Bitcoin Bonus

Bitcoin casinos love no deposit bonuses. That’s where they will hand you some free Bitcoin in exchange for a registration at their site.

This type of a bonus is extremely popular among players too, because they are essentially getting something for nothing.

Sure, there might be a maximum winning cap placed on such a bonus, but it shouldn’t deter you as you can still win real money and cash it out too.

Also, keep a lookout on wagering requirements. A Bitcoin casino might have you wager the total winnings a set number of times before they allow you to cash it out, thus keeping the money in their ‘system’ for as long as they can.

Free Spins with Bitcoin

Another great way to benefit at a Bitcoin casino is to look for free spins bonuses. For example, you could be given 10 free spins, each worth a set amount in Bitcoin.

You can then spend those bonuses on whichever game you choose (if there are no casino restrictions), or use it on one of the games that the casino has earmarked the free spins for.

Normally, you won’t be able to simply cash out your winnings, but some sites will enforce a ‘no wagering requirement’ rule.

These bonuses are worth pure gold!

Bitcoin Deposit Match

A deposit match is a great way to reaffirm your love for a Bitcoin casino and they love this. They will usually reward at least a 100% deposit match if you go on and commit to spending your own money on a site.

This money will, obviously, be awarded as bonus funds and you won’t be able to cash out without fulfilling wagering requirements. Nonetheless, it means that you’ll have double (or triple, or whatever the percentage is) fun playing all the Bitcoin slots that you so enjoy.

A deposit match is also sometimes extended to second, third and fourth deposits, together making up a welcome bonus package.

These casino bonuses are quite rare to come by, so just make sure you don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Weekly Specials and VIP Clubs

Just like any regular casino, a Bitcoin site will treat its players to weekly promotions. Be it cash backs, tournaments, special bonuses, giveaways or lotteries, they’re always looking to attract new players so the incentives keep on coming.

And when they have their Bitcoin players on board, they will want to retain them too. In many ways, it’s cheaper to keep existing players happy than it is to get new ones to register.

Think about it:

They want to incentivise people to keep coming back to their site and prevent them from joining other ones. So the benefits have to be serious indeed.

Cue VIP clubs – exclusive clubs for loyal members of Bitcoin casinos that keep on coming back on a daily or weekly basis.

They will be collecting casino points for their total spend, which they can later exchange for prizes or sometimes even cash.

The Future Outlook for Bitcoin Casino

There you have it – our definitive guide to everything about Bitcoin casino, Bitcoin slots and Bitcoin promotions.

Naturally, you might still have a lot of questions, so we’d encourage to conduct further research into the subject.

Especially if you’re on the fence about spending any of your own money at a Bitcoin casino, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the right option for you.

There are many nay-sayers out there when it comes to Bitcoin, it’s value can fluctuate wildly on a daily basis and there is definitely a level of uncertainly when it comes to its future.

Yet, as things currently stand, it’s a great way to retain some anonymity, simplify the processes of depositing and lower the fees of casino banking.