Pay by Phone Slots & Casino UK

Everything is on your mobile phone these days, but it hasn’t always been the case.

If you wanted to play casino games online or on your mobile, you used to have to venture out and purchase vouchers to top up your balance.

How lucky are we to be living in times where pay by phone casinos are abound? Incredibly lucky!

Not only does it simplify things tremendously when it comes to putting more money into your casino account, it also means that you can play some of the best slots and reap the biggest bonuses too.

So what’s in a deposit method?

We will take a deep dive into the topic in this article, first pointing out five brilliant casinos where you can pay by phone, then looking into how exactly this technology works, and rounding things off with some of the greatest casino games out there.

Top 5 Pay by Phone Casinos to Check Out Today

We’re normally the ones to say that you should carefully vet every and any new casino that you join. After all, there are too many scams out there.

However, you can rest assured that we’ve done our due diligence on the following five sites and they’re all good to go. From top bonuses, amazing roster of games, to their pay by phone technology, you’ll want to jump right into gaming.

Mr Play Casino – A fun brand above all, Mr Play is a brilliant mobile casino. We’d even go as far as to say that it sure is a contender for the top title, because it’s crafted with its mobile users in mind at all times. Easy navigation means you can easily access all the games and promotions. Yet what’s really important here is the fact that you can pay by phone. They’d be silly not to include it, of course!

Royal Panda Casino – If you’re looking for a casino with lots of character, this is it. The panda is ubiquitous in this modern looking site, and the games roster is quite large indeed. From the most popular of games, to live casino dealer tables and even sports betting, there’s plenty of entertainment to be had on Royal Panda.

Karamba Casino – A fully licenced and regulated UK casino, Karamba is a great choice for mobile casino players. The layout of the site makes total sense, there isn’t much faff to deal with and the playful purple parrot that’s the mascot of this site sure is memorable. Sign up today to claim the welcome bonus to play slots, live casino games, scratch cards or bet on sports.

JackpotCity Casino – We’re huge fans of JackpotCity because they offer a download option for their entire suite of games. That might not be desirable to all, but we definitely see the advantage – faster performance and more choice when it comes to gaming are two of the biggest pros. Don’t worry though, they do offer instant play too as they do pay by phone deposits.

Dunder Casino – If you ever thought of what the most modern casino out there could look like, why not check out Dunder? It’s a casino with nearly 2,000 games on offer, from the top developers out there, including NetEnt Play’N GO, Quickspin and Betsoft. Needless to say, log in to pay by phone and you can be well on your way to winning heaven.

How Pay by Phone Works

Sure, we’d say it’s simple, but would you believe us? Well, if you’re on the fence about this one, we can give you plenty of reasons.

Yet, the biggest convincing factor should be the convenience and the simplicity. This section won’t be long because it doesn’t have to. Pay by phone is extremely easy to use and the steps are as straight-forward as they can be.

Step 1 – Join a casino that offers pay by phone

This one is an easy one. Did one of the casinos we mention above strike your fancy? Or perhaps it was some other one that you noticed just by chance? Well, after you’ve made sur they offer pay by phone deposits, register for an account and you’ll be on your way to making a phone deposit.

Step 2 – Navigate to the cashier and choose deposit sum

You’ll then need to find the dashboard under your user profile that’s called the ‘cashier’ or the ‘banking’. Whatever the casino chooses to call it, that’s where all the money changes hands, so to speak. Click to ‘pay by phone’ and specify a sum that you wish to deposit. Make sure it’s correct because you cannot change this later (you’d have to cancel the transaction and initiate another one in this case).

Step 3 – Confirm your deposit via SMS

The most fun of all the steps, this requires some audience participation. You will be sent a text message with the details of your deposit. You must send a reply to confirm the deposit within a set amount of time (depends on network). If you fail to do so, the transaction will be cancelled and nothing will be credited to your account.

Step 4 – Receive the deposit and enjoy some games

If all went well and you confirmed the deposit via text message, the deposit should reach your account in a matter of seconds, up to a minute max. You will then be ready to play whatever games you choose, just go easy before you need another pay by phone deposit!


Let’s imagine Richard, a casual gambler and how he’d go about making a sms casino deposit. He has his go-to casino brand that he loves but they don’t accept payments via SMS.

He decides to go online and take a look, quickly locating a casino that will facilitate pay by phone payments. Richard has double checked this with the live support of the casino and is excited to get started.

It’s come to his attention via the live chat session that the casino also offers a welcome bonus to all new players that he can claim when he deposits the maximum of £30 that’s allowed per day.

So, he gets to the cashier of the casino, quickly enters £30 and receives a text message to confirm the deposit (the notification of which has now woken up his girlfriend – he shall continue the session some next time).

The next day he logs in, his account has £60 for him to enjoy slots, live dealer games and jackpots too. He chooses to play a few quick scratch cards, winning £30 – great luck!

The Technology Behind It

One might think that it’s super sophisticated technology that is behind pay by phone casinos, but that’s definitely not the case.

It’s really quite simple: the mobile network acts as an intermediary between the player and the casino, loaning money on a limited time basis.

In other words, when one makes a phone deposit, that money is fronted by the mobile network until the player pays his phone bill at the end of the month.

That’s the primary reason why there is a daily and a monthly limit on the total amount the player can deposit via this method. After all, no one would want for the collection agencies to get involved.

All the player needs is a working phone number, no matter if it’s pre-paid or contracted.

Couldn’t get easier than that.

The Ideal Pay by Phone Casino User

There are some people out there that will be the perfect candidates for pay by phone casino payments.

1. They are casual gamblers – they don’t want to blow £100 in one sitting and they sure don’t play every day. Think about someone lounging on their sofa every weekend giving a few slots a go.

2. They can control their spending – of course, we wouldn’t condone problem gamblers use any deposit method, but people who pay by phone can generally budget for their gambling spend, and stick to it too.

3. They don’t want to sign up for third party payment systems – the mobile network is more than enough for them. They don’t want to go on spreading their personal and financial data online.

4. They can’t remember their password to save their life – no extra passwords, account names, numbers or anything of that sort is needed for paying by phone. That’s nice.

5. They value mobile-friendliness – casinos that accept pay by phone deposits are usually some of the most mobile friendly out there. No more frustration with text that’s too small, buttons that aren’t clickable or bonuses that mobile players can’t claim.

SMS Deposit Pros

There are many pros to pay by phone casino gambling. It sure takes a specific kind of person to like it, one that won’t be bothered by the daily limits and no withdrawal possibilities.

So, here are the top pros of pay by phone casino sites.

Play Now, Pay Later

This is one of the best reasons to use pay by phone, if you ask us. You can play now and pay later – what can be better? Yes, you will have to pay by the bill at the end of the month, but if you don’t want to faff about with payment details every single time you want to top up your gambling account, this method is perfect.

Simplicity to the Max

As we mentioned above, you will have a single monthly bill to pay for all months’ worth of gambling – that’s super easy. Simplicity is really amped up with this depositing method, because there are no long account details to remember, all you need is your mobile device and you can start playing pretty much right away.

Curb problem behaviour

As a final pro, we think pay by phone casino gambling is great simply because it can help you get on the right track with your spending. If you think you might have a bit of a problem controlling your budget, then the daily limit that pay by phone offers will be the perfect solution.

SMS Deposit Cons

There is always the other hand. Surely, pay by phone is a fabulous payment method, but it is not for everyone. There are drawbacks that mean certain kind of players shouldn’t go for it.

Daily limits

As we’ve mentioned above, pay by phone has a daily limit of £30 and that’s highly unlikely to change anytime soon. This comes to just under £1,000 monthly, if you max out the daily limit on a regular basis – it’s no small sum. Whereas the daily limit should be more than enough for the casual gambler, others (e.g. high rollers or those who like to have bigger budgeted sessions that are more spaced out), will need to look elsewhere.

No withdrawals

Unfortunately, pay by phone casino users cannot withdraw their winnings via this means. In other words, money cannot be credited to your mobile network account if you have winnings to cash out. This is for the simple reason of logistics: there is no way mobile networks would deal with being intermediaries when casino cash flows are involved.

Not all casinos

Clearly, not all casinos offer the pay by phone method as one of the ways to bank on their site. There are a variety of reasons for this, most notable one being that there are transaction fees to pay. While some casinos will shove the costs onto their players, others will take the fees onto themselves, which in theory will drive some brands away from facilitating payments by phone.

Staying Safe at Pay by Phone Casinos

There are many precautions you can take to stay safe when you gamble online. So, it’s not necessarily exclusive to pay by phone casinos.

Common sense will go a long way to sussing out any site that’s sub-standard:

1. Make sure the casino is licenced

The very first step of every casino check is to ensure that the casino adheres to all the proper licencing and regulations. This simply means that they have obtained a licence from the governing body in their jurisdiction, which includes automatic processes to protect your money and personal data (just as few examples). You can check for the licence number somewhere in the footer of the site, usually, and then cross-check that with the governing body. That’s UK Gambling Commission in the UK, for example.

2. Check player reviews

Even if a casino is licenced, it can still be a bad deal. That’s when player reviews come incredibly handy. They will tell you if the casino has issues paying out, if they have trouble honouring their promotions or if there is any other red flag that you should be aware of. Based on player reviews, you can make a better judgement if a pay by phone casino is safe to play at, for you.

3. Read through the bonus terms and conditions

Some will ask – what do bonus terms and conditions have to do with safety? Well, we’d argue that you want to make sure that the casino doesn’t engage in predatory behaviour. For example, some casinos will offer bonuses that you are then pretty much unable to cash in on, with incredibly strict timelines, winning caps or the like.

The Best Pay by Phone Games to Play

There are, undoubtedly, so many games out there. How does one choose?

And then, how does one choose the best games to play when they use the pay by phone depositing method? Some games sure are better for that than others and we’re here to give you a run down of the top 5 slots that you will benefit from if you’re paying by SMS.

1. Starburst by NetEnt – the epitome of a perfect pay by phone game, it’s sheer simplicity and profitability means that your relatively small mobile deposit can go quite a long way indeed. The free respins upon a winning combination will help your cents stretch even further and the vibrant ambience will captivate.

2. Blackjack (set or live) – it’s one of the most profitable casino games out there with rules that are quite simple to master, so don’t be scared if you’ve never played Blackjack before. The bets start low so you can ease yourself into it without ever having to go over the daily deposit limit.

3. Mega Moolah by Microgaming – how does a progressive jackpot sound? You wouldn’t think that a jackpot slot would be recommended for those on a smallish gambling budget, but what better way to take your chances than a jackpot? A small wager could return a win worth millions – exciting times!

4. Da Vinci Diamonds by IGT – a time-tested player favourite, it’s a hopping IGT slot with loads of free spins up for grabs. Another feature to boost your winnings are the tumbling reels, plenty of opportunities for your pennies to stretch further than you thought they could.

5. Foxin’ Wins by NextGen Gaming – a legendary game, Foxin’ Wins is NextGen’s most popular title. A randomly triggered bonus feature is a huge part of the appeal here and the medium variance means that lowish bets should carry you through to some good wins. This game is perfect if you pay by phone and have a moderate gambling budget.


Are pay by phone casinos safe?

The eternal question and the right one indeed, pay by phone casinos are as safe as they come. Just because they offer this payment method shouldn’t be a red flag by itself, as many other factors play into the trustworthiness of any online website. If you want to evaluate the safety of a site, check the section on Staying Safe above.

How soon will I have access to my funds?

A mobile phone payment will come through in mere seconds, as the approval system is totally automated. Part of it depends on you as well, so the sooner you can reply to the text message that gets sent to your phone for you to approve, the sooner the cash will become available.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Good question! Losing a phone can be super stressful, even without the added pressure of thinking that someone could spend a fortune on your name. Luckily, you can inform your network provider to block premium SMS messaging as soon as you realise you’ve lost your phone or that it’s been stolen. That should prevent anyone from depositing and playing at an online casino.

Can I use an account that’s pre-paid?

Yes. Most network providers will allow that a pre-paid account be used for pay by phone payments at casinos. The money is yours and it’s already there on your account – why shouldn’t you be able to use it? No problem at all.

Why the limits?

The limits on pay by phone payments are in place for good reason. They prevent you from raking up too much debt that you could then be unable to pay back to your mobile network provider. Plus, the daily limit acts as a precaution should you lose your phone or if it were to get stolen. It’s highly unlikely that the limits will change any time soon.

What’s Payforit and Boku?

The fact of the matter is that there are many payment facilitators and ‘pay by phone’ is a catch-all phrase. So the facility of payments by phone may hide under many logos. If you’re unsure, you should ask the casino support if they allow pay by phone transactions and which payment intermediary will be offering those – Boku, Payforit or some other one altogether.

How can I cancel my pay by phone transaction?

If you’ve not responded to the text message to confirm the transaction, just don’t do it and the transaction will expire automatically. And if you’ve confirmed the amount and the deposit has come through, we’re afraid there is nothing you can do to reverse that. It would simply involve too many layers of support for a relatively small amount of money.

How much are the fees?

The fees that pay by phone casinos charge you should be quite low, approximately 2-3% of your total deposit. There used to be days when using this payment method was completely free to the players as the casino would assume the costs. However, more and more casinos have shifted the cost of using the service to their users. That’s unfortunate.